Living Support

Sober living homes are group space for the one who is addicts. Most of these homes are owned privately, although some group residences are possessed by businesses and may even be possessed by charity organizations. Residences are generally located in a quiet area to assist ensure a peaceful atmosphere for addicts to recover and receive a living support.


These forms of homes are distinct from other centres; our centres generally provide a more demanding recovery experience and provide residents a bit less freedom. People who reside in sober living facilities can generally come and go as they please as long as they follow some guidelines.


For instance, sober living residences may require residents to be home by a particular time or to go to the office during the day. Residents are also generally subject to random drug tests to confirm that they are sober.


People who stay in these forms of facilities are exclusively expected to be responsible for themselves. This is a crucial step in recovery because cravings or addictions causes people to act in immature ways, and the families and friends of addicts basically enable them by supporting them.


People staying in sober homes generally have to compensate their own rent, purchase their own food and do the same stuff they would execute for themselves if they lived in a regular house. However, they even have to submit to random drug testing and follow specific guidelines.


If you are a senior or need assistance we are able to help you and provide services including medication control, doctors, pharmacy. One on one counselling and group outing.

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